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    Stenciled concrete driveway

Welcome to Highfields Concreting Pty Ltd, with Chris Ellis

Highfields Concreting provides satisfaction-guaranteed concreting services in Toowoomba, Darling Downs and Lockyer Valley areas. With 25 year's of proven track record, we are a well-respected name in the concrete and construction industries.  Satisfied customers recommend us and provide a constant ongoing source of work!

Highfields Concreting has qualifications and experience to work in all settings - domestic, government, industrial, commercial, rural. Chris Ellis works shoulder to shoulder with professionals, industry experts and trade teams, to ensure all specifications and standards are met to the highest quality. We are expert and experienced in all types of concreting, as you'll find in our services and projects pages.

Call Chris Ellis on 0407 463 632 to discuss your concrete needs, or contact us with your inquiry; see if we can't provide you with a highly competitive quote for a great guaranteed job.

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